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This is an example of a digital assignment done by 8 year old Sharde in year 4 at Wagaman Primary School.  The mini documentary was published into the schools Biodiversity database as the end point of the digital publishing process.  it is interesting to reflect on the integrated educational skills set developed by such an exercise, in this case fitting elements of all 7 of the General Capabilities in the Austyralian curriculum and many curriculum subject areas.

It is interesting to reflect on the process and the way it covers all 7 of the general capabilities and many subject areas from the Australian Curriculum.

  • Oral & written language and reading
  • Research skills
  • Thinking and evaluation
  • Planning/scripting
  • Design, including selecting/ creating images and the like
  • Performance rehearsing and creating the audio tracks
  • Technology creating and producing digital resources
  • And, and and….

The seven general Capabilities are


Sharde used a range of reading, writing and thinking and evaluation skills to research and write her script, practice it and record it


Sharde was exposed to a range of measurement and time related notions in developing her script and researching information about the Spotted tree monitor

Information and communication technology (ICT) capability

Sharde accessed a range of information and created a communication message using digital sound and image files and software to create and combine the resources and time the sequences so the images appeared at the appropriate time in the presentation.

Critical and creative thinking

Many critical and creative thinking tasks were included in the process, including decisions about what to include

Personal and social capability

Sharde made a decision to do work on the Scalaris after seeing one on the wall of the school on her way home.

Ethical understanding


Sharde was exposed to some ethical aspects of biodiversity, including the issue of cane toads and their impact in her work on the monitors.

Intercultural understanding

Sharde is herself indigenous but the work they were doing in the school included indigenous perspectives on biodiversity, plants and animals.