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Economic issues are one of the major issues with the NT economy as the NT struggles to recover from the impact of the INPEX construction project and COVID 19.  These have been made worse by repeated NT governments refusing to address the core issues and allow lobbyists and state capture to shift the focus away from Territorians.

We have social problems such as public nuisance caused by excessive alcohol consumption and we also have issues with bored and disconnected youth.  We have had these problems for some time and we need to have a serious and sustained action plan that gets to the core of the problem and delivers solutions, not one that pushes the problem onto someone else’s patch.

We also have issues relating to management of development and maintaining a Territory that will deliver for the tourism and other business interests while continuing to provide us all with fantastic lifestyles.  I believe I can help maintain the balance in these issues and bring a small business focus to these strategies along with the Ecologically Sustainable Development principles to address a range of environmental, social and economic problems.