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I am 67 years old and have lived in Darwin for 44 years and have three children, 2 grandchildren and one great grandchild.
I was a teacher before moving full time into the Information Technology area.

I am the Managing Director of eNTITy1 Pty Ltd.
I am a former Lord Mayor of Darwin (2008 - 2012)  and I worked for BiodiversityWatch (and frogwatch) on environmental issues, including cane toads and goannas and I am also involved with the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) in the NT.

I have worked as a computer professional for over 40 years, including 10 years as an education adviser and  have 23 years Business and e-Business experience. I have been Lord Mayor for 4 years and have worked on a number of major federal initiatives in that time.

I have extensive business and management experience as well as policy and governance experience from working on interesting and dynamic projects.

I was involved with the development of the QANTM Multimedia Centre in Darwin as a part of the federal strategy to help Australia to move into the Information Age and have worked on the Building on our Information Technology Strengths (BITS) business incubator project as well.  These have given me a lot of exposure to business issues and management techniques which helped to develop my skills. My work with eNTITy1 includes business consultancy work and the development of finance and project management systems and work in the elearning area

• Bachelor of Arts (Economics)- Melbourne University  
• Graduate Diploma in Education - Darwin Community College
• Graduate Diploma of Educational Computing - NTU
• Master of Environmental Management

I have experience in many organisations during my time in Darwin.

  • Board of the Business, Retail& IT Training Advisory Council
  • Chairman of the Board of the Service Industries Training Advisory Council
  • Coordinator of FrogWatch
  • Member of Australian Association for Environmental Education, National and NT executives.
  • Board member of NT Industry Training Bureau (Youthworxs)
  • Chairman Board Business Enterprise Centre

I have been involved with a range of environmental issues and have conducted a number of research projects

I have business management skills and training and have driven the development of business systems including the financial management and project systems..